Data extraction and processing tools

Tools related to data extraction and processing are contained within the data package available through:

from coastlib import data


The noaa_coops module is a part of the package. This module provides interface to the NOAA CO-OPS data portal via the CO-OPS API. It allows retrieval of data collected by CO-OPS sensors such as wind, water levels, currents, salinity, air pressure, etc. in the form of pandas DataFrame. With the help of this tool one can automate extraction of large amounts of data from NOAA stations for further processing and storing.

Core tools from this module are available through either of these commands:

>>> from import coops_api, coops_api_batch, coops_datum
>>> from import coops_api, coops_api_batch, coops_datum

An in-depth tutorial for the noaa_coops module is available in this Jupyter notebook.